Monday, October 23, 2006

The journey continues

The journey continues to find out exactly where I belong and what i am suppose to be doing with my life. I think I know what I want but then life throws you a curve ball to see what you'll actually hold on to.

I think the next couple of weeks might help me determine what I want to keep striving for...of course you know the ol saying, "Anything worth keeping (or getting) is worth fighting for".

This week duoATL had a gig, although a minor gig in Cartersville. Anyone, but me apparantly, should have known that this was not the gig for us. I think the wind made that clear when it was finally successful in ripping the pages from our clips. Nothing worse than stopping to fix your pages and starting again, no matter how small the crowd. I don't see many more outside gigs in our future. Other than that and all the distractions (motorcycles, sirens, and trains) we played basically well. However, lesson learned in my booking capablilties. Better luck next time.

This Saturday I head off to Macon to try and audition for the Macon Symphony sub flute part. I will try to be confidant, and think positive. Finding inspiration from Anne's blog.

Wish me luck! This will probably be my last big event for the year, besides the usual musical wanderings I do for the rest of the year. Next big recital isn't until February.

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