Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm A Bird By Erik Kofoed

I finally got my hands on a recording of a concert I did with a bunch of talented musicians here in Atlanta on December 29. So here's a woodwind quintet written by local composer and brass player, Erik Kofoed, called "I'm a Bird":

The musicians were Brendon Bushman (oboe), Catherine Sinon (clarient...soon to be Mrs. Bushman), Dan Wions (horn), Kiyo Kojima (bassoon), and myself(flute). We only had a couple reheasals, and one as a complete group since many people were coming in an outta town for the holidays and other gigs. Myself included.

There are more musicians on that concert, and it looks like Erik is coordinating another concert in June. The series/group is called Mercury Season and there is a site:

Hopefully I'll get the recording to the GSU solo from the April concert too.

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