Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bring it on 2009!

Here's the 2008 Resolution Results:

1. Finish a composition! This did happen, and it was recorded. Whew! Finally I got something written, performed, and recorded in the same year.

2. Finish my website! Well, this bled into 2009, but its done. So I can stop being embarrassed about my cheesy website. This one is gonna be alot easier to update, and is certainly more representative of who I am. Maybe I should update this blog too?

3. Do new things! I didn't do too much out of the ordinary, but I did climb that rock wall and got addicted to Indian food.(Rose of India is the best!)

4. Take a risk! This is an ongoing process. I started teaching flute, and that's gonna help get me to the end result. I am auditioning, I am taking private lessons, and I am putting myself out there. Although I wouldn't call agreeing to marry Brian a risk, it certainly is exciting. He will be the unconditional, unstoppable, loving support that will help me pull through the tough times and celebrate during the good times. And I hope to be the same for him.

5. Don't forget others! This hasn't happened as much as I would like, I guess it never will, but I see it as I do my physical health. You can always be better. I made some tiny goals, but I'll keep at it.

Here's the 2009 Resolutions:

1. Be an awesome wife! This has to take priority. I got something good, I'm not gonna spoil it. We can really be there for each other, and he makes me happy. I hope his optimism rubs off on me.

2. Just do it already! I'm gonna cut the cord, launch my music career. I'm on the cusp, I've got a growing studio, all of my friends are confident I could do it, I have all the emotional support in the world, I just have to jump already. No one is going to push me.

3. Work on my faith! I've neglected this for a long time. Its important for many reasons. Maybe I feel more worthy enough to take this on than I have before. Its a tough challenge (hey I'm Catholic of course it is), and maybe that's why I've been avoiding it. Baby steps.

4. Get uber fit! I've been on a great health kick. I know the wedding puts a definate deadline on things. I've been working with an awesome trainer. My goal:decrease my body fat to well in the healthy range.

5. Help others! This is on my list again. It will never come off. I just need to find exactly how I should define this.

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