Friday, March 26, 2010

Women Composers Festival and Flutology

I am finally back to normal life, but had a great time at the 9th Festival of Women Composers. The performance of "Mangosteen" went very well, and I got to meet some fabulous people. I even got to have dinner with Katherine Hoover and she gave some good sound advice.

This week, I had my first flute book published called "Flutology - the Fundamentals". Basically its a reference guide with fingering charts, trill charts, scales, and exercises that I had been using in my lessons, and my publisher thought I should turn all those materials in a book. I even got to design the cover. So here it is:

Next on my plate is to practice for Brian's masters composition recital. I am playing on 3 of the larger works and I am excited about the caliber of performers we were able to book for his recital. His recital is May 2nd at Georgia State University's Kopleff Recital Hall at 3pm and open to the public. More info as we get closer to the performance.

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