Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mangosteen at 9th Women Composers Festival

Yesterday I received the recording of my piece "Mangosteen" from the performance at the 9th Festival of Women Composers at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA. I am performing with guitarist Irvin Kauffman. He is assistant principal cello for Pittsburgh Symphony. This was his first public performance on guitar in 20 years due to a hand injury. I was honored that he felt the time was right to make an appearance again and that this should be the piece. http://www.fsharpminor.com/nikki/Mangosteen.html

Irvin is also the oldest member of the Pittsburgh Symphony and was a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's certainly played everything with everybody. It was a wonderful experience to work with someone who's led an incredible music career, but leaves any ego at the door. He made me feel like an equal and seemed genuinely supportive and interested in the music I am writing. I wish him all the best and hope for an opportunity to work with him again. Perhaps on cello next time?

More good news is on the horizon. I'll keep y'all posted!

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