Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011!?! That was fun!

So 2011 went better than I could ever imagine! With 6 world premieres, two commissions, multiple performances and traveling about every month that made for a record year! So what does 2012 have in store? Its basically a clean slate. There's a couple of possibilities, but nothing in stone. So again, I'll have to make something work.

This year will kick off getting the hubby more into the mix. We're trying to get a concert of our music in the spring and playing around more. We would also like to get a recording of the concert that we could peddle around. Of course it costs money to hire musicians and record. So we are going to try Fractured Atlas and perhaps Crowd Sourcing or Kickstarter. This is the year for making concrete plans and getting this bird to ave finally fly.

If I could have another year like 2011 I couldn't be happier, but only time and hard work will tell. Tomorrow I sit down and make a business plan for 2012!

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