Friday, February 13, 2015

Crazy Yet Amazing Week ahead.

Conducted "Footloose" orchestra
If only the whole year could be as busy as it has been up until this point. Right now it seems like it might stay this way until the end of June (and I couldn't be happier)! So far I've conducted 6 Footloose musicals,  performed with Clibber Jones Ensemble, had a few pieces performed/premiered, and secured a commission. If only this keeps up and I don't have a repeat of last summer.

So what's up next? Next week is crazy, yet amazing. On Tuesday, I travel with Terminus Ensemble to give a masterclass and perform at the University of Tennessee. On Thursday, I give a masterclass and perform with Perimeter Flutes at Georgia State University (we are performing my "French Quarter" at the masterclass and "Coalescence" at the concert). On Friday, my sister rolls into town so we can prepare for our presentation "When Tooting Your Flute Is A Pain in Your Neck" at the Atlanta Flute Fair on Saturday...did I mention I am also conduction the Honors Flute Choir at the Flute Fair where my piece "Railroaded" will be premiered and running a booth with my husband for Spotted Rocket Publishing? Yeah...crazy week, but all good things.

So I really haven't had a lot of time to think about what I want to accomplish. I suppose I should leave that
Me, pianist Kaju Lee, and tuba player Bill Pritchard 
to the slower summer times to make any plans. I do know what I want to compose, but plans change depending on who I meet and interact with. So far a must do is a flute choir piece commissioned by the Flute Choir of Atlanta directed by Kathy Farmer. They will premiere the piece at the National Flute Convention in Washington, DC. I've been in flute composing mode for a while, and it would be great to branch out and compose some band pieces. There seems to be a need there.

In the meantime, I've got lost of upcoming concerts and compositions being performed by old and new friends. Last week, tuba player Bill Pritchard and pianist Dr. Kaju Lee gave the first public premiere of "Surus". The best premieres are those given by good old talented friends. But, looking forward to hearing about upcoming performances by people who I just met, and know they are just as talented like Areon Flutes. Who knows? Maybe I'll finally make it out to California, however, my bank account still likes to say otherwise. Regardless, I am certainly looking forward to this year. Its been pretty exciting so far.

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