Saturday, August 18, 2007

5K's, Vacations, and Mercury Season

Its been a relatively quiet July and August, but things are about to kick back into high gear. I ran my first 5K last Saturday, I wasn't too fast but at least I beat a guy at work...and I've rubbed it in. It looks like we'll be running another next month so this time he won't "cramp up" from the August heat.

I'll be off over the next month going to Miami on a company trip, seeing my folks in Savannah, and taking my own vacation in New York City. That's right, on my own much to the detriment of mom's ulcers. I wouldn't be me if I didn't worry mom about something.

There is a tentative date for a Mercury Season concert on September 20 at the Spruill Arts Center. More info on that soon...we don't have much time, so over the next week or so things should get nailed down.

I am writing a new piece for duoATL to perform this year. It is for an Agnes Scott College concert of women composers, and I just so happen to qualify. So I've been writing alot more, it looks like I have alot to write about after this summer :)

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