Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another 5K for the Pups!

Well since I had so much fun at my last 5K I thought this time I would
run for a cause. Its for the Atlanta Animal Alliance. The race takes
place on September 29. You can even sponsor me and help raise money
for the welfare of the pups! You can do that online here:

There is also a pet adoption, I think my parents are taking bets on if
I bring home a dog after the race. We'll see, but that may still be a
little early for me to get another dog.

Yes, my poor coworker has agreed for a rematch at this race....I
haven't told him I've shaved 4 minutes off my time, and I don't think
he's been running...we'll see if I can run him into the ground again!
(As you can tell the smack talk has already started).

Mercury Season has a slew of concerts planned starting in October,
more info on that within the week.

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