Saturday, January 05, 2008

2008 Year of Completion

So like most people I didn't get to do all my resolutions last year. Here's my resolutions from 2007:

1. Give more: Somewhat. In ways I did in others I didn't, maybe this year I can continue giving.
2. Write it and record it: I did start writing lots of stuff, I didn't finish. I did finally get the first movement of Coalescense recorded, so this was half way fulfilled.
3. Schedule more concert dates for 2008 for duoATL: Oh yeah, this did happen. So I can check this off my list.
4. Drop a dress size: I did do this. And I think I may be on my way to high school weight. I ran my first race and beat a coworker. I certainly have more energy and I do feel better about myself.
5. Be more "outdoorsy": I did not camp this year, or go white water rafting, with Jesse getting cancer earlier this year I just didn't want to leave him behind for a minute knowing we only had a little time left together. I don't know if being "outdoorsy" is that important to me this year, but being more green is.
6. Clean house. Mentally and literally: I did get some junk cleared out of the house, and I did grab the bull by the horns on all the emotional junk that's been floating around. I think I can whole heartily check this off my list.
7. Conquer my fears: I never got to the rock wall. Coordinating friends has been a challenge, maybe something I'll do on my own. But I did travel to New York on my own. I always wanted to go but I had a certain fear about doin it on my own. I went, I had a blast, I went by myself for a week and even went to the top of the Empire State Building. I think this is the best thing I ever did by myself. I no longer have any insecurites about going out on my own.

So last year was a year of change. I said good bye to a long term boyfriend and an even more heartbreaking good bye to my dog and best friend, Jesse, who fought the good fight with prostate and lung cancer but after 3 months of chemo I had to let him go.It was a tough decision and I was glad I could be there for him like he had been there for me through the good and tough times.

But during the summer things took a happier turn. I met a wonderful, musical, intelligent, and caring person who loves me and I found a doggie who needed me as much as I needed him. I hate to sound like a cliche but things do happen for a reason, and when things get bad eventually they will get better. They certainly have for me. So now that my personal and professional life seem to be in a good groover (hard to believe) I can finally make some headway. So here's to 2008, the year of completion. I will get things done by golly!

1. Finish a composition! Now I know this has to happen because duoATL is scheduled to perform it by April. So I am gonna knock this out this month if it kills me!
2. Finish my website! My current one is four years old which is pretty embarrassing for a web designer. I got it started, I am happy with the direction, now I just need to finish it!
3. Do new things! I found out last year that doing things out of my comfort zone have paid off for memorable experiences I would never trade for the world. I don't know specifically what that will be...I hear the rock wall calling my name.
4. Take a risk! I'm tired of playing it safe. I need to start putting it out on the line if I want to make things happen. I want to be a musician full time. That's my dream. I don't want to regret not trying whole heartily. Now I just got to figure out what that means to me.
5. Don't forget others! I do have the tendency to be introspective and forget about others who may need help. People help me out all the time. I hope I can find a way to something to help other who may need a helping hand in a pinch.

So there it is in black and white on cyber space. Putting it out on the line, setting goals.

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