Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mercury Season!

September has turned into the month of rehearsals, and I have to make a few leaps between genres. I love late night rehearsals when I don't have to be in at work the next day at nine. That was killer, I never had time to do any individual practice. Now I feel prepared when I go to rehearsals. Its fabulous!

Last night we kicked off Mercury Season rehearsal. Its a small chamber ensemble made up of flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and cello. We're currently in residence at Georgia Perimeter College, so for the past 2 years we've had to come up with a unique program each concert based on a theme. This time we are doing music that was inspired by Autumn.

It was great to get back together with everyone and make some music. We're playing a little bit of everything, like always. Some Piazzolla, Joplin, Vivaldi, Schubert, and even some Neil Young. Last night we just touched on a little bit of everything so we all know where we stand and can adjust our individual practice time accordingly.

We did, however, get some bad news right before rehearsal. Bill got a text that Fred Mills had died. Fred Mills as the trumpet professor at UGA, my alma mater, and a former member of the Canadian Brass. It was shocking news, and not expected from anyone in the room. Hopefully we'll get more information on what happened, and hope the best for his family. I'm sure UGA School of Music will have a fantastic Memorial Concert for him. He did good things for the trumpet studio.

Well today's another day, and I better get to practicing. I have duoATL rehearsal tonight and jazz rehearsal with a new group tommorrow night. Its definately all keeping me on my toes.


Anonymous said...

hey nicole!
I think your music is pretty interesting..and in a good way. I'm a flutist currently studying music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a contemporary group and were always looking for some new rep. Is there anyway for us to get your music?


Nicole Randall-Chamberlain said...

Hi Caitlyn!
What instrumentation are you looking for? I assume you hope it includes flute ;) A flute, violin, and piano trio of mine may work. But I have others. Shoot me an email and we'll discuss. nikki@nikkinotes.com