Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back from what?

Here we are back from Boston, and I think back on our feet. Provincetown was beautiful, and the wedding was just as beautiful. Thanks to Nick and Susie who kept our music stands from blowing away while we played on the beach for Dan and Lynn's wedding. Also thanks to Karl Henning for putting together the venues and helping us perform our music in Boston. He also took the time to show us around Boston some, and we hope we can all get together again in the future. I have recordings of "Maraschino" and "Toxicodendron" in the music section of Thanks again to Karl for the performance and recording.

So now what? What's next? Brian has his final orals exams and one pesky class to complete this summer. Then he's finally done! Woohoo! I know he's also glad I've stopped scheduling him for a million things to perform and do...well for the time being. Or at least until I get some other wicked ideas.

I have some things in the works to get some of my compositions performed by others. Hopefully I will get some news of that shortly. In the meantime, I'm teaching a lot of students and thinking about what to write next. Maybe record some of it?

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