Friday, July 23, 2010

Nashville and the radio!

I heard there was some trouble with links, work getting in the way, etc. So in case you missed the radio show it is archived here: My performance is about 14 minutes in. The show will also be rebroadcast in Nashville on 90.3 fm on Sunday at 3pm and Tuesday at 8pm.

I had a wonderful time performing on "Live in Studio C" . Its such a great space and the staff is great about checking in and making sure you have everything you need. I got a chance to meet some wonderful composers and performers at the show. I love the music that's getting written by the concert composers in Nashville.

I also got the opportunity to visit my sister and her kids in Clarksville. It was the usual kind of visit. Gossip lots, watch scary TV programs, and hang out with the kids. Doesn't get much better.

I also finally got the chance to catch up with a friend of mine who is a fellow flutist, and old college buddy. She's got some fabulous things going on and it was really great to see her and catch up. I can't wait for her latest Celtic album to go on. It seems exciting!

I am glad to be home and getting back to life a little bit. Catch up on lessons, music engraving, and more importantly sleep! In the meantime, I am waiting for some things to unfold and anxiously figuring out what might be next to write or perform.

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