Monday, November 08, 2010

Audience Choice Award!

We did it! We finished the opera and it won Audience Choice Award! I hope to have some photos and maybe even some video soon. The opera was called "Scrub a Dub Raw" and we had to use two props: a washboard and a rubber chicken. The theme had to be family reunion. I was then paired up at random with Vynnie Meli ( who was the librettist/lyricists. She was amazing to work with!

All three operas were incredible and I was glad to meet some nice, talented people (the bulk of whom were from Atlanta). I have to give alot of gratitude to the directors and cast who really sold the opera to the crowd and who I didn't get a chance to meet or hear until the performance: Beth Suryan (Stage Director), Catherine Schaefer (Music Director/Pianist), Vivian Clifton (Wife/Daughter-in-law), Andrea Green (Mother), Stephen McCool (Cop/Brother, Neighbor), Dennis Shumann (Brother).

Thanks to my cheerleading section which included my hubby, my parents, Brian Luckett, Julie Moxley, Gail Goodman, Curtis Bryant, and Clair and Margaret Hayes. Nice to have some support in the audience!

They did post the operning and you can see all of us picking our props and getting our partners:

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