Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010? Wow! That's gonna be a hard act to follow!

First of all I just noticed that I have been blogging since June 2006. How crazy is that? The goals are the same, and I have come a long ways on the journey. I just gotta keep on keeping on and find ways to keep things fresh.

2010 was a very good year. I thought 2009 was incredible, but 2010 certainly did me right as well. It's been exciting to have all the new experiences and find more confidence in myself, thanks to a slew of friends and colleagues who certainly have a lot of confidence in me (not to mention the hubby who seems to believe I could walk on water if I wanted to take on that task). Sure I get a ton of rejections like any other composer, but I learn from those and keep on truckin'.

So what were the highlights of 2010? I got a taste of being a touring musician. Music + travel = happy me. I got to go on a mini tour the the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, go to a Women Composers Convention to perform my own work, travel to Boston to play some concerts with my hubby and a friend (as well as make new ones) and set wheels in motion to travel more in 2011. And of course my all time favorite concert was playing on my husband's graduate recital here in Atlanta. He got the most incredible performances, which wasn't hard to do with the great music he had written. I can't wait to see what he writes next, he's taken a much needed hiatus ever since. I am starting to hear him tinker around in his studio, the bug is biting him.

I also wrote the most music in 2010 then I ever have. I probably doubled my list of compositions, thanks to the motivation of competitions and requests from friends. The two highlights being the 24 Hour Opera Project put on by Atlanta Opera and a commission from Hopewell Middle School Band which will perform the piece in the Music for All Festival in Indianopolis, IN this March. Without the urging of a few friends, family, and a failed negotiation of another commission I probably would not have found the gumption to take matters in my own hands and find my own opportunities. "No one is going to promote me better than myself" has turned into "No one is going to work harder for me than myself". Its just not enough to put my name out there. I have to make opportunities out of any situation, even if they are ideas I use to poo-poo before. "Ugh, band music and flute choirs just don't interest me" - They do now! Those are the people yearning for new music, and by golly I know those ensembles best! What was I thinking not doing this earlier? Yes mom you are right "Never say never".

So what is the plan of attack for 2011? How can I ride the momentum that got rolling for 2010? Well I need to find another commission. I am hoping the premiere of my band piece at Music for All will spark interest for other commissions but I can't bank on that. I also can't bank on competitions since there are so many people submitting to each competition. I will still submit by I got to rustle up new opportunities. There are a few colleagues I might investigate, but I know its time for the Chamberlains to take things more seriously. Maybe we need to put a recording out there? If we can get a recording project started with concerts lined up for 2012 and I can get another commission, I think 2011 will be spectacular!

Of course there are performances of pieces I wrote in 2010 for 2011, and its nice that I am not the one performing them. Its been a long time since I have had a piece performed that I wasn't performing it and both pieces include flute! My flute quartet "Tamar" will be performed at UAHuntsville New Music festival with prospects of other ensembles performing it in Georgia. My band piece will get a couple of performances in and out of Georgia. I just got to keep on writing more original music with a set ensemble in mind to sell it to.

Everything else will keep on track. Keep up with the students, keep up with the music engraving, keep up with the CraftHope projects and keep up with the hubby. I will also try not to obsess too much with the music career and try to have some non music related fun, don't want to burn out like I did with web design. Well, that's enough for the blog's longest ever post. Stay warm everyone!

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