Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Atlanta Opera Commission and NFA Newly Published Work Finalist

What a week! First off "Smorgasbord" has been selected by the National Flute
Association as a Finalist for their Newly Published Music Competition. I will
finally be attending my first National Flute Convention in Charlotte, North
Carolina in August.

In other news, I can finally announce that the Atlanta Opera has commissioned me
to compose a children's opera based on Br'er Rabbit Tales compiled by Joel
Chandler Harris. Madeleine St. Romain has created a wonderful libretto for me to
use and the work will be premiered in October. The press release was sent today,
and as soon as it is posted to the Atlanta Opera site I will send a link as
well. Looks like I have lots of work to do this summer, but what fun it will be!

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