Thursday, October 18, 2012

World Premiere of "Ogeechee"

The past few weeks have seemed like some alternate reality of my life. I usually get a taste here and there of what it means to be a composer, but I think the past two weeks have seemed so surreal because that glimpse of a composers life has been a daily "routine". Over he past few weeks I have tried to balance rehearsal, travel, performances, composing, publicity, teaching, and networking. The end result is that the month has flown by and produced an amazing output of work and loads of new connections with musicians and music lovers. The challenge for the future is to keep these opportunities coming and find balance with the Chamberlain home.

I've certainly got enough irons in the fire with Perimeter Flutes, Mercury Season, Terminus Ensemble, and Chamber Cartel, not to mention all those flute students to teach and composing deadlines coming up soon, but last week was monopolized by the "Ogeechee" Premiere. The GSO only had an hour to rehearse "Ogeechee" over two days. It's amazing to see these musicians quickly work a piece over. I was incredibly happy with the performance, and it gave me further encouragement that I am on the right track. That what I love to compose and hear is working out in real life. I know these musicians as colleagues and friends, I knew what they were capable of as musicians, but it is overwhelming when I received the faith, support, and sincere support from the people I respect as people and artists.

At the end of the performance, I was asked to come to the podium to take the usual composer bow and expected the polite applause of the audience. I was unprepared when I turned around to take the bow to see people on their feet. I was unprepared for the emotional response of my parents and husband sitting in the audience. I am blessed with the love and support of a loving family, friends (two of which had commissioned me in the recent past), and a composer husband who understands everything about what I do. To see them be so excited for me and emotional after the performance was worth every note put on the page. It makes me feel that all the leaps of faith they gave me were not in vain.

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