Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Keep On Keepin' On

Mikey (1997-20014)
Let's just say this summer has been less than stellar for the Chamberlains. We've had a lot of emotional and financial kicks in the gut (our beloved kitty dying, car accident, lack of commissions, and student drop off for the summer), but there's been some really wonderful moments too (5 year anniversary, trip to see the in-laws in beautiful Pennsylvania weather, visits to local parks, lots of composing, etc). Luckily, its been nothing we can't handle, and in 30 years we'll laugh about all the nuttiness this summer has offered us. The one thing we have learned is that we must keep on keepin' on. We doing everything right, its just every once in a while we're going to hit some obstacles and we've got to get around them.

There does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just starting to get a trickle of student returning from the summer, and even a couple of new students. I'm starting to get notifications about compositions of mine being performed by others, and I am looking forward to deciding what I would like to compose for in the future. The good thing about not having any commissions lined up is that I can choose what I would like to do, but keeping in mind to compose for friends. Nothing makes me more frustrated than composing a piece that sits on a shelf never to be performed.

As I wrap up this composition for the Wilderness Act Performance Series, what's next? I use to have a hard Nick Demos' blog posts have confirmed what I have always feared is true. You have to keep thinking ahead. I can't be all Scarlet O'hara and worry about it tomorrow or I'll find myself with nothing to work on next.
Checking out Bush Mountain for WAPs
time thinking about another composition beyond the one I am working on, but the past year and

I know (hopefully) starting in September my schedule will ramp up in the teaching and performing department which will lead little time for composing. At least not the hours I got to spend this summer. I'll be lucky to get two hours a day. Projects I would like to work on, because I've had requests, are a flute choir piece and another band piece. So hopefully, by the end of the year I'll have a couple new compositions ready for premieres.

In the meantime, while income is not what we would like it to be, its doable. I'm thankful that the only sacrifices we have to make is that we can't travel or buy the extras. We just keep paying the bills and think of creative free ways to spend our time together (thank you, Ingress, state parks, and the library). If we keep on keepin' on the work will pay off and things will get rolling again. Hey, its the summer. It's all a part of being a freelance musician.

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