Monday, November 17, 2014

Turning It Around...Finally!

This summer was not a total wreck, but it certainly was hairy. I am THANKFUL that things have finally turned a corner. Students are back in full force, I've been hired to play, hired to lecture, hired to compose, and getting some positive feedback from all those competitions where I submitted my scores. I'm embracing the colder months because they bring work and I can heat the home!

There have been some pretty amazing highlights, and not everything I can share just yet. Probably the top of the list is being awarded 2nd place for my composition "French Quarter" by the Flute New Music Consortium. Awards are always encouraging, especially after a barrage of rejection letters. I love my flute community. We are, for the most part, a friendly and happy bunch of people who enjoy adding to the repertoire. I'm grateful that my flute buddies get a kick out of my flute pieces, and I'm looking forward to reuniting with my flute friends at NFA and beyond.

Teresa Feliciano, Caleb Herron, Olivia Kieffer, & me
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being both performer and composer at the NACUSA National Conference at Georgia State University. I performed my piece "Fisticuffs" with my fellow Chamber Cartel/Terminus friends at the opening concert. I had the best time giving the second performance with the original premiere performers. The bad thing about being busy musicians is that we can't always get together. The good thing is that when we all get together it's like we saw each other yesterday. We don't skip a beat with the shenanigans or how to perform together. Atlanta is packed full of fun loving, friendly, and talented musicians. Right now, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Performed Dan Morel's "Wanderings"
This past weekend really is what I love doing. I love playing new music and pushing the envelope of my playing abilities through extended techniques. I got to see old friends, make stronger friendships, and meet new people. Nothing better than being paid to do the kind of work you love with people who are fabulous to work with! I hope that kind of work keeps coming.

So what's next? A question I'm always asking myself. Well, I got a commission. I can't really share the details just yet. The contract is theoretically signed, I just need to receive it. As usual, it involves musician friends who have fun playing what I write, and I look forward to the adventures we might go on with this new piece yet to be written. In the meantime, I better buckle down with all the Christmas music and start practicing "Nutcracker" so I don't embarrass myself.

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