Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Is Coming

Well it's that time of the year where students go off to their various vacations and summer camps, gigs dry up, and I'm left with free time - and this time a commission! Although, its not a large commission, its something, and it could lead to other things. At the very least it will get some money coming in to make up for a few missed students. Like last year, summer there are fun things to do. Unlike last year, we are hoping to dodge any and all depressing life set back (all pets and cars are required to stay healthy this summer).

So what am I doing this summer? Let's start with my favorite part...I have a commission! This past year has been all about composing for flute, and this summer will be no different. The Atlanta Flute Club has commissioned me to compose a fanfare for the 10th annual Flute Choir Extravaganza that will happen November 15. I love commissions where I know who I am writing for and there is a definite premiere date in place. Nothing worse than never hearing a piece performed that I had written. When I am done with my current self appointed project, I might dive into that next. Personally, I might try to write something short without flute just so I can make sure I am varying my writing a bit. Still, I can't wait to hear a GYMNASIUM full of flutists perform my fanfare.

I'm also doing a bit of playing. On Sunday (5/31), I will perform with Terminus Ensemble. I FINALLY get to play Dr. Charles Knox's A River Runs Through It for flute and piano. It's a beautiful piece and I am glad I get to play it with Dr. Ipek Brooks. I will also be performing Olivia Keiffer's Two Horn Unicorn for flute and viola with Mike Brooks, and Glasz by David Garner. Looking forward to playing more with this ensemble.

On June 27, I'll be attending Flutapalooza. I'll be there performing with Perimeter Flutes, presenting "Beatboxing to a Better Bach", and selling my wares at the Spotted Rocket Publishing booth. It will be a very busy day!

And that's about it until the National Flute Convention in Washington, DC in August. My sister and I will present "When Tooting Your Flute is a Pain in Your Neck" and the Flute Choir of Atlanta will premiere my new work Summer Insomnia for flute choir. Have I mentioned I've been writing a lot of flute music lately? Here's one example of what I've written, and it just got its premiere in March. Then some of my favorite flute people decided to also perform the first movement and send me a video so I could finally hear it! You can also buy the sheet music for Orion's Belt!

That's it. That's what's on the agenda for the summer. So I hope everyone decides to buy my music this summer to help keep things going :) I could also use a few more commissions. I hear I'm pretty reasonable!

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