Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 NFA Awards!

There's no way to post this article without it being humble-braggy. It's totally crazy. Here's what happened for this year's NFA awards:

2017 Flute Choir Composition Competition Winner - Chivy for flute choir

2017 Newly Published Music Awards:
Asphyxia - Winner for Solo Flute
Wail for flute and trombone - Winner for Flute and Other Instruments
In Cahoots for flute duo & Orion's Belt for flute trio - Finalists for Flute Chamber Works
Trisection - Honorable Mention for Flute Chamber Works
Lilliputian - Honorable Mention for Flute and Other Instruments
Dizzy - Honorable Mention for Flute Choir

See y'all in Minneapolis. I already bought my plane ticket.

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