Friday, July 24, 2009

Lessons and Competitions

Well this week has been a week of "getting out there". I've submitted some scores to some competitions, and taken out some ads to get more flute students. I really do enjoy being able to write, teach, practice, and not feel rushed about anything. I can really take my time and enjoy being in the moment.

There's only two things that do stink about it all. You know me, I always have to complain about something. I am alone a good part of the day and that has taken alot to get use to. I use to share an office with someone everyday for the past 5 years, and people were always coming and going. I do miss seeing my friends everyday and now that our work schedules are flipped flopped since I work alot in the evenings its been hard scheduling to get together with them.

There's also that monetary guilt. Right now I am not making what I was while I was a web designer. Hourly I make more, weekly...well let's say I don't have the hours yet. Sometimes I feel bad that Brian is having to carry me some until I get the students I hope to get once school starts up and peopel get back from vacation. He's totally for it, especially since we hope he'll get to do what I am doing once he's done with his masters and feels confident he is ready to take the plunge. It'll be an adventure and I can't wait until both of us are living it together!

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