Monday, July 06, 2009

Welcome to Happy Land!

This summer has seen a lot of changes in my life. I got married, and its wonderful! I am sure I wouldn't have had the strength to make all of the other changes without his support and encouragement.

We bought a newer and bigger house. Both of us have our own studios and the dogs have a nice fenced in yard. A yard that they have pretty much destroyed, but as long as it keeps them from destroying the house I'm happy.

And if that wasn't enough change I quit my day job. I did it, I'm a full time musician. I spend my time doing some music engraving, teaching flute students, writing music for concert and multimedia. I've pretty much let web design go to the wayside. I just couldn't take the endless meetings, numerous bosses, and being trapped in an office where you were monitored all the time. Music is my deal, and I had to go for it.

Its been a little tough, but things are finally start to roll. By August things should be more comfortable with an influx of students at the music school. I've had quite a bit of free time to work out, cook, write music, practice, and it looks like I might actually get to have a hobby. No more working 9-6 and then coming home to do music. I do music full time and now have time to hang out with my husband.

However, his schedule winds up in August too. He'll start working 10 hour days then going to school on days he's not working. We're working for the day where both of us can be full-time musicians no matter how that may pan out and be parents. But, we'll enjoy this while we can. We're having the times of our lives!

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