Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the road...

Well it's a new year, and I suppose I will have to get to my resolutions at some point. Right now, is not the time. It's a little crazy this week or two. The next week will include a ton of traveling.

Brian's great uncle died Friday, and we will make a sad return to Pennsylvania to attend his funeral. Not a pleasant reason to have to travel, but it will be good to see his family and get another chance to know everyone better.

We will drive back in time for me to get on the tour bus for the NY Gilbert and Sullivan player's production of "Pirates of Penzance". We'll have one rehearsal and dive right into the first performance at Appalachain State. We get back on the bus for a performance in Atlanta, then onward to Panama City. This will officially be my first time on a professional tour, and embarrassed to say my first time playing in a real pit. I'm looking forward to this tour! Something I've always wanted to do, I'm glad I get the chance. I am really busting it hard to play well, so I might get the opportunity to do it again if I end up loving the experience.

This will be the first time since Brian and I got married where we will be sleeping apart. I'll miss him, and I'll miss the puppies. They're not coming with us on this short trip to Pennsylvania. They'll be happier at the puppy hotel that they seem to love so much.

So it's a busy and crazy start to the year, with a lot of potential to travel for music and travel to see family (on more happier occasions). Brian will finish his master in composition and hopefully a start to our collaboration on performance, composition and perhaps teaching. 2010 has great potential, indeed.

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