Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Back from the road, for a month anyway...

It's great to be home, but I feel I haven't quite gotten back to routine. Trying to round all the students back has been a little tricky. Hopefully over the next week it will all iron out. I did enjoy touring, however, I don't think I would want to do the same show on an extended tour.

It was a wonderful experience and met some fabulously talented people who were more than willing to mingle before and after shows. The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players had a wonderful cast, and I've never felt more welcomed from a group of people. Who would think that they would really listen to the orchestra, but they do! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact I played the tiny beast, the piccolo ;)

It was a different experience each show, mainly because of change of venue. The first show we couldn't see the cast from the pit, and it was probably for the best. On the second show, there were plenty of distractions. Not only could we enjoy watching the cast during our tacets, but there was some pit movement during the opening overture. Talk about having to keep your focus! By the third show, I finally started feeling comfortable in my skin, but then the tour was over. Now I'm left singing all the songs over and over, and "I know that a policeman's lot is not a appy one...appy one".

I look forward to what new experience and travels that this year brings, and there seems to be some wonderful things on the horizon. This month will be fairly on schedule, I'll be teaching alot and writing some. But March brings concerts and travel. I can't wait!

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