Monday, May 22, 2017

2017 Spring "Tour" Recap!

I was on the "road" for almost two weeks, and had the best time! We won't mention the stomach bug I managed to catch while in Colorado, but other than that it was amazing. I hope its something I get to do more.

Three-Nine Line and French Quarter were performed by members of Flute New Music Consortium at the Music By Women Festival at Mississippi University for Women. Flutist Mary Matthews and pianist Edith Widayani gave a beautiful performance of the first two movements of Three-Nine Line. And members of FNMC, Nicole Riner,  Katherine Ementh, Shelley Collins, and Olivia Boatman performed the first movement of French Quarter. It was a wonderful festival that I hope I can return to soon.
The students of Boulder Country Day School premiered "E Pluribus, Unum" during their Fine Arts Week. I loved working with the students and even made my percussion performance debut. Composing for young students is always such a challege, and I hope its something I get to do more. They get so excited to perform and its fun to watch.

The students at the University of Wyoming learned how to "Beatbox to a Better Bach" and why I'm such a "Glutton for Gimmicks". "Beatboxing to a Better Bach" is the most requested workshop and I have given it serveral times. "Glutton for Gimmicks" explains why I compose the way I do, and what my process is like for implementing into my work.

Then it was off to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to present "The Piccolo Music of Nicole Chamberlain" thanks to piccoloists Elizabeth Robinson and Alyssa Borrell. I am always flattered when musicians want to do a full concert of my works, and I was glad that I could be out there to be a part of it and witness other people playing my music so well.

Finally, I made to Kansas State University where I got to present "Beatboxing to a Better Bach", "Glutton for Gimmocks, a Composer's Addiction to Extended Techniques", and "The Hustle". Everyone was such great sports, and I had the best time everywhere I got to visit. I love travelling, but its even better when I get to visit with friends, make new ones, and make music. Its a great job!

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