Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We're Recording an Album of My Music!

A New Year's Resolution of mine every year has been to make an album of my music, and every year I find the task to daunting to do it. Come to find out, it was only daunting because I didn't have friends I love, trust, with amazing chops to help me. This is the year, we make an album.

It's finally happening! I'm recording an album of my flute music with a couple of amazing musicians, flutists Mary Matthews and Matthew Angelo. We've been long time collaborators and schemers. They've have premiered the bulk of my flute music, we've gone on roadtrips, and there's been amazing performances. It only makes sense that these be the first people I record an album with.

So here's the catch. It takes quite a bit of money to make that happen. A successful album can help a musician's career, and we're hoping this album will shake some things loose for us. We have a contract with MSR Classics label, but we need to hire a recording engineer, cover CD manufacturing costs, and promotional materials. If you could pitch in some money, we have some wonderful rewards including the CD, signed scores of Asphyxia, and even online video flute lessons! We started a Go Fund Me Campaign, and hope you will contribute so we can make this happen. And if you were looking for a belated 40th birthday gift, this would be awesome :)

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