Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Turning Minor Defeats into Accomplishments

So maybe this week isn't as glamorous as last week, but the bad weeks make the good weeks even better. Professionally, everything is better than ever. Personally, not so hot, but I believe this "not so great" will turn to "something better" with time, patience, and a little of being on my own.
A good example, after making a bad driving decision that I will not go into embarrassing detail about, I managed to blow out a tire on the little beetle. So I pulled over into the library parking lot and begin changing my tire in heels and work attire. After wrestling with the full sized spare out of the world's smallest trunk, I was successful in changing the tire all on my very own. I got pretty good at changing the tires on the Tercel in college, so it was nice to know I can still manage it after all these years. I got kinda spoiled relying on others for help.
So what, I'm on my own. I can manage, and pretty damn well. It feels good to do it myself.

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