Monday, February 19, 2007

Yesterday, Tonight, and Tommorrow

Yesterday's concert at Agnes Scott went really well. The were a couple of bobbles, but nothing tragic, and nothing we can't fix between now and the March 6th concert.
I was was concerned about my stamina in making it through the the last piece of the concert which was Daughtery's "I Loved Lucy" but the order worked out well. I was able to save all of my energy until that last piece.I have the most fun playing the last three pieces on the concert, and I think it really shows. Most of the nerves were pretty manageable. If I just remember to have a good time, the nerves seem to dissapate. So onward we go!

Tonight will be an interesting night. My electronic piece, MW5, will be played on an Atlanta Composers Electronic works concert at the Five Spot. It will be nice just to show up to a concert and not worry about performance. You just get to listen to some new and different music, and meet people that share your interest. Should be fun, and I am looking foward to it.

Tommorrow, its back to routine. Work, Eat, Practice, Sleep, Repeat.

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