Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This weekend

This weekend was a great weekend...and I hope one day that will be my every day life. Teaching lessons, dress rehearsal, and performing makes for a great "work" day.

The only thing I had to complain about (I know there's always something), was that there wasn't a large turnout. But the people that did come to the concert were people who really love the type of music we play and were warm enough to drop by afterwards to say they enjoyed the concert.

It was great to also play Brian C's music. A little nerve wracking to play with the composer present, even though he is my fiance and the most encouraging upbeat person I've ever met. It's still a little intimidating to know there is someone in the audience who knows every note.

The near future has some exciting things going on personally and professionally, and I am looking forward to embracing the changes.

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