Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiny Signs

I've started teaching flute. It's something I said I wouldn't do again, but I guess you should never say never. I've had many tiny signs thrown up at me saying its time to make some kind of leap into music land for a long time, but over the past couple of months the tiny signs have turned into big Las Vegas style neon lights that I can't ignore any longer. So I started teaching, and I have actually enjoyed all of it so far. I hope I can get more students and do this more often.

I've had a pretty cush job in web design, but after a long day of designing, coding, tackling problems that I rather not tackle, unfamiliar corporate rules, I just feel better after hanging out with a student teaching them all the cool things they can do on a flute and all the different music we get to play. Its really helped me find an enthusiasm for music again. I hope it continues. So my goals have least the time frame. Things are going to be sped up, they have to. I'm obviously more happy as a musician, that's my calling.

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Brendon said...

YAY!!! I've been fighting that war (as you know) for quite some time, and my practical side kept me "comfortable", but miserable for quite some time. It's REALLY hard to live with some of the financial ramifications, but I believe both that difficulty AND that predicament will change. In the meanwhile, the deeper I dive in, the more I rediscover a more energetic, passionate, engaged version of myself that I used to know really well.

So congrats, and good luck. I look forward to seeing how things are going in a month or so...

- B