Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coach and Be Coached

The more I teach the more I realize I need to be taught. So I've hired the help of ASO's very own principal flutist, Christina Smith, and boy what a change! She's corrected some things that I have feared were going quite south. And thanks to her help my tone has already improved over the last two lessons. I can only hope she can do the same for my articulation and technique. I'm pretty sure she can. Anywho, I am certain that she will get me in shape for the journey ahead.

As for getting in shape, I've also hired a personal trainer. And he is kicking my butt. Really? I am paying for this abuse? Well I'm sure I'll see a big pay off soon. I am sleeping a whole lot better at night.

As for coaching, Friday I got to live a little bit of the life I wish was everyday. I got to go to North Georgia College and State University for the North Georgia Guitar Summit and teach a composition masterclass as well as give a duoATL concert. What a blast! The students were good sports and it was just alot more fun than I ever anticipated. If only this is what it was like everyday. It certainly wet my appetite to keep on truckin!

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