Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moving Right Along

I'm getting married. I'm moving. I'm teaching. I'm still working full time. I'm glad I have no concerts coming up.Its some hectic, happy, and exciting times, and I am ready to get on with it!
First big life change, getting married! June 13 is the big day, we're looking forward to it. We'll finally get both of our families together (outside of the parents) and our friends and have a big happy weddin. It will be good times, if I can get the invitations,veil, website, and music written, which will hopefully be done by April. Those 4 monsters are still looming...and they should be the most fun.

In the meantime, we've been keeping ourselves busy with the new to us house. Thanks, to Brian's dad who completely remodeled the upstairs bathrooms, and helped out with the electrical issues. Brian and I have been spending ALL of our free time painting, which should come to an end tonight. Then moving day on Saturday! Real pro movers this time. Its just too much to ask from friends. I rather have the pros do it and be done with it. No heavy lifting for me!

As in the job front, I'm teaching some students and its been great. I love it. My students seem to enjoy their lessons, even if they have to do scales :) I hope I get to do more of it. But it won't probably pick back up until August. And that's probably for the best.

I'm glad to be taking a break from concerts for a while, and focus on getting my life together. However, I am still practicing and taking lessons every once in a while just nothing public.
The next three months are going to be a little nutty, but will be some good times and I am sure some good stories.

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