Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work and Radio

This past week had some pretty good news that may turn things around.

Because I didn't have enough on my plate, I'm starting work as a music engraver for Clear Note Publications. Fingers crossed that things will go well with this first score and I can do more of it and shake the day job!

On the composer front, my pieces "Mangosteen" and "Discombobulation" will be broadcast on WRSU in New Brunswick, NJ which can be heard locally at 88.7 FM and anywhere with an internet connection at www.wrsu.org. They have a new program that broadcasts new music by living composers. They will air on May 6 at 7pm. You can catch the full season schedule:http://epmusic.wordpress.com/explorations-schedule/

Now back to working, practicing, writing, finish setting up the new house, and healing from the beatings from my weekly personal training sessions.

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