Wednesday, June 19, 2013 understatement

To say that I've been busy would be a huge understatement, but let's see if I can fill ya in on what I've been doin since my last post in JANUARY!

1. Doin a little performing with Mercury Season as always.

2. "Chatter" has been performed a few times by 4 different ensembles. (Including a group in Slovenia). Love this performance by Matt and Mary at the Hartt School:

3. "Tamar" has also gotten quite a few performances by different ensembles (including my own Perimeter Flutes)

4. Performed at the Atlanta Flute Festival and Jacksonville State University Flute Festival with Perimeter Flutes. Including trying out a contrabass flute for the first time (see video below)!

5. World premiere of "Trajectory" at the Women Composers Festival in Hartford, CT by Dahlia Flute Duo and Pablo Issa Skaric. Which included a snow delay (picture below)

6. Performed some killer new flute music by Tim Jansa and John Anthony Lennon at Terminus Ensemble concert.

7. Commissioned and completed: "Whitsun" for clarinet and organ, "Byzantium" for Wesleyan School Middle School Concert Band, "Elasticity" for Cuatro Puntos, and "French Quarter" for Perimeter Flutes.

8. Won the 2013 Areon Flutes International Composition Competition and now get to write a 12 minute flute trio to be premiered by Areon Flutes in their 2013-2014 season!

So what's next?
Well lots of things. I get to attend four premieres, which is the most exciting about composing. I get to work with the ensembles and sometimes (lately most of the time) I just get to show up and hear someone do the heavy lifting of making the piece happen. I also get to travel! 3 out of the 4 premieres coming up will require me to leave Hotlanta if I want to hear it live and hang with the performers. Any excuse to travel! I am even in the middle of having my passport renewed just in case I might get the opportunity to hear "Elasticity" in Bolivia, but that's another can of worms.

Right now I have one main mission, and that is to roll up my sleeves and get to work on the Areon Flutes commission. I suppose I also need to has out the details of performing "French Quarter" at the National Flute Association Convention in August in New Orleans! It's been busy, the good kind of busy and I hope the next 6 months keep the momentum going!

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