Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lilliputian for piccolo and music box

Lately, I've had lots to compose. I've had back to back commissions (hooray!). In fact, I still have one left on the table that is due in July that I should get to hacking away at before I get stressed about it. But, I bought this music box back in December and haven't had time or inspiration to compose for it. I decided to take a break from composing my "to do" list, and compose for my "want" list. So I composed a little piece for piccolo and music box. You can watch a video below:


It was as fun as I hoped, and I hope I get to do more. Since this music box would be new to a good bit of folks, I also put together a music box tutorial to explain the process:

I did this project as a fun exercise to get me to think differently. My last year of compositions have been all for flute in one aspect or another and I needed a different challenge. But now, it looks like its turned into somewhat of a fundraiser for my dog who will have EXPENSIVE knee surgery tomorrow so she can walk on all four legs again. You can read about the surgery from our pal Jarrett Bellini who went through the same thing last summer and made me feel good about our decision to do this surgery. It will be worth every penny to see Annie run and terrorize squirrels again...also its painful to watch her try to squat to take care of business. Turns out a dog's back leg is pretty crucial to day to day function.
So help us out and buy the sheet music to Lilliputian or you can browse some more of our music at, in case you are not a flutist or piccoloist. Or if you don't see anything you like, you could always commission me. I've got nothing lined up after this one I am working (about to work) on. Thanks for your continued support!

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