Monday, July 11, 2016

Traditional Hymns for Flute Duet

I've made it no secret that the summer is a struggle for us freelance musicians financially. A good bit of my students take the summer off for travel or camps. So I am teaching less. It is also slim pickins for paid performances, with the exception of some "Stars & Stripes" gigs for us flute/piccolo players . The result is I typically have more time to compose. While I have been doing that, sometimes I like to revisit doing arrangements especially for flute duo.

Christmas Flute Duets
 My Christmas Flute Duets have by far been the best seller of anything I have available for sale on my website. Unfortunately, those typical only sell during October through early January then sales drop off. I managed to prolong some sales by adding Easter and Lent Flute Duets as well as Wedding Flute Duets. Although those have been received well too, I have had many requests over the years to do a collection of traditional hymns. Music for church services is performed quite a bit, and people who perform that music on a weekly basis are always hungry for new music.

 The result is I finally had some time this summer to get to a project I have always wanted to complete. It solves many problems for me. It makes me brush up on my basic composition skills, create some much needed income, and gives me some new music to perform with students and friends at my own church. Right now, I have 5 Traditional Hymns for flute duet: "Amazing Grace", "Be Thou My Vision", "How Great Thou Art", "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name", and "O Sanctisimma". So far, people seem to really enjoy them. Perhaps in the future I will be able to expand on the collection. They are always fun to arrange and perform. I'm always so please to hear how other flutists are so glad to find some new hymns to perform at their own church.

You can listen and buy all of the Traditional Hymns for Flute Duet here!

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